Since the establishment in December 1991, Light Phase is a Singapore-based lighting firm with more than 27 years of experience in the lighting industry. Here at Light Phase, we specialise in providing architects, engineers and designers with holistic lighting solution by adapting the latest technology and design tools. We target architectural, commercial and decorative lighting fixtures for both the local and overseas market.

Today, Light Phase manages a large and diverse portfolio comprising of hotels, luxury residential properties, commercial offices and institutional ventures. We work extensively with architects, lighting consultants, contractors and owners right from the conceptualisation stage to completion of each project. Our service is unparalleled as we believe in providing prompt response and excellent sales support to create high-quality and long-lasting lighting solutions.

We also believe in providing professional services such as –

  • Design, calculation and planning of lighting layout using specialised lighting software

  • Modification of existing lighting fixtures

  • Customisation, assembly and testing of lighting fixtures

In addition, we also market a wide range of lighting fixtures under our Trademark “Keonn” Luminaire.

With wide knowledge and expertise in the lighting industry, Steven Chia has brought Light Phase known in the lighting industry.

We work alongside with the following manufacturers, for the various range of lighting fixtures and products we carry:

Keonn Luminaire

Aeon Lighting Technology